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August 31, 2022

ALPHA and SHAPE Leaders Paving the Way into The Metaverse via Numerous Thought Leadership Opportunities

With all the buzz surrounding recent metaverse developments and tech giants incorporating Metaverse strategies into their long-term growth plan, Alpha Metaverse Technologies Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Shape Immersive, is thrilled to say that its leaders are regular featured speakers at Web3 events, conferences, and forums, ensuring the solid establishment of Alpha and Shape’s presence in this explosive new market. 

Below are just some of the many events in which our thought leaders will be featured and speaking in for the next few months. 

  1. Shape Immersive CEO, James Basnett, at the Global Metaverse Forum

Shape Immersive CEO, James Basnett will be a featured speaker at the Global Metaverse Forum, which will be held on September 1st and 2nd, 2022. 

The goal of the Global Metaverse Forum is to create connections with its audience in the metaverse to learn more about the insights, trends, and future of this new and increasingly real virtual world. Speakers specialized in the metaverse and omnichannel will present their knowledge, tools, and experiences in this field. 

James will be discussing the topic of Virtual Retail in the Metaverse alongside other notable companies such as HP, Spotify, Nestle, and TedX. 

  1. Dan Burgar, Co-founder of Shape Immersive, at Elevate Festival 

Dan Burgar, Co-founder of Shape, will be speaking at Elevate Festival in Toronto, Ontario from September 20, 2022 to September 23, 2022.  

Elevate Festival is the largest tech festival in Canada that places the spotlight on the intersection of arts + tech, and features world class speakers, arts + culture events, and networking opportunities. 

Elevate is expected to have over 30,000 attendees this year, which includes notable speakers such as tennis champion, Venus Williams, NASA astronaut, Chris Hadfield, and 10x Olympic medalist, Andre de Grasse. Elevate further provides some of Canada’s most influential VCs the opportunity to discover the next great investment opportunities. Conversely, start-ups also receive exposure and the opportunity to connect with mentors and top investors.  From dreaming to doing, aspiration to action, Elevate’s powerhouse agenda is set to inspire and motivate its attendees to take brave steps forward. 

Get your tickets for Elevate Festival here. 

  1. Helsinki Opera Beyond 

Dan will be speaking at Opera Beyond Conference, a conference in Helsinki, Finland, from September 13 and 14, 2022.  Opera Beyond is a project focused on the tangible role of technology in stage arts and live performances and was created by the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. Topics include cutting edge technologies, such as XR, AI, NFTs, volumetric video, spatial audio, 3D projections and metaverse, but also themes like diversity & equality in arts, expectations of next generations in culture and entertainment consumption, ecosystems and the role of art in society amidst change.

Dan will be speaking alongside some notable figures in the AR/VR industry, including but not limited to Metaverse expert, Enara Nazarova, and game designer and immersive theater artist, Jessica Creane. 

Dan will be speaking on September 13, 2022. 

  1. TechBBQ 2022

Another event in which Dan will be a featured speaker is TechBBQ hosted on September 14 and 15, 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Tech BBQ is a quintessential startup and innovation summit, where the main goal is to support and strengthen growth for startups and scale ups in the Nordic ecosystem. The two-day event will feature fireside chats, networking opportunities, and industry-leading speakers. 

  1. The Economist Metaverse Summit 2022

Lastly, Dan will be speaking at the Economist Metaverse Summit (the “Metaverse Summit”), which is a two-day summit hosted in Silicon Valley from October 26 to  October 27, 2022 for relevant job functions already implementing or exploring XR/VR/AR immersive technologies within corporations.  The 2-day conference  is a cross-industry and cross-functional event that aims to assist senior leaders define and build mixed-reality experiences that will add economic and social value. 

Notable attendees include  Noel Mack, Chief brand officer of Gymshark, and Tony Parisi, Chief Strategy Officer of Lamina1. 

In summary, a new era has already begun in the digital world where building and creating immersive experiences is no longer confined to futuristic science fiction. Alpha and Shape is extremely excited to be  regular participants and contributors in these insightful and innovative events;  our leaders will use these thought leadership opportunities to continue to promote the metaverse industry and provide thought leadership on a global basis. 

We  are set to shape the future of the metaverse and web3 gaming. We are so excited for this journey into the metaverse…are you?!

Thanks for reading!
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